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Where to Find a Real-Deal Breakfast in Portland

Eater Portland 12/6 6:00A Zoe Baillargeon
French toast at Sweedeedee with an apple radish salad. | Brooke Jackson-Glidden/EPDX From portable egg sandwiches and bagels to full-blown breakfast plates Portland has no shortage of weekend brunch...

Where to Find Beefy, Hearty Cheesesteaks in Portland

Eater Portland 12/5 8:00A Nathan Williams
A cheesesteak from Buddy’s Steaks. | Waz Wu/Eater Portland Philly’s finest sandwich can also be found in Stumptown This country is blessed with plenty of iconic, regional dishes— Mission burritos,...

Where to Find Hanukkah Fixings Across Portland in 2022

Eater Portland 12/2 8:58A Brooke Jackson-Glidden
Brisket, tzimmes, and more from Zupan’s. | Zupan’s Where to find holiday briskets, latkes, sufganiyot, and more Hanukkah begins December 18, rolling from one holiday straight into the next — which...

Here Are the 2022 Eater Awards Winners for Portland

Eater Portland 12/1 7:33A Brooke Jackson-Glidden
The best restaurant, food cart, and bar of the year  Each year, the Eater Awards honor some of the city’s best and brightest new talent, food carts and restaurants and bars that stood out among an...

Where to Find a Mid-Week Lunch in Portland

Eater Portland 11/30 9:44A Brooke Jackson-Glidden
A fried chicken sandwich at Jojo. | Dina Avila/Eater Portland Where to grab a pile of Chinese food, a comforting bowl of khao soi, a quick slice, or a gargantuan fried chicken sandwich With more...

Portland Bar Snacks Ideal for Any Night Out

Eater Portland 11/29 9:27A Alex Frane
Cheddar beignets at Ok Omens. | Dina Avila/Eater Portland From nachos to fried kimchi, cheesy beignets to ceviche Let’s face it: Portland is an early-to-bed city, with most restaurants and bars...

Will Salt & Straw Leave Portland?

Eater Portland 11/28 10:51A Brooke Jackson-Glidden
Salt and Straw ice creams. | Suzi Pratt The famous Portland-founded ice cream company may depart the city due to ongoing issues with crime and violence, CEO Kim Malek says Leadership at Portland’s...

Where to Find Fantastic French Onion Soup in Portland

Eater Portland 11/28 7:46A Krista Garcia
“Swiss onion soup” from Swiss Hibiscus, an extremely close relative to the soup from the neighboring country. | Swiss Hibiscus The finest comforting, cheese-topped bowls around the city When Portland...
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