Credit Where It's Due

Portland Mercury 7/12 8:11P Anonymous
by Anonymous As a registered independent, I think both political parties are terrible. And I think both presidential candidates are terrible, and the third party candidate is terrible too. But I'll give credit to the Democrats. At least they're...

This Week In Portland Food News

Portland Mercury 7/12 9:00A EverOut Staff
Mochi Donuts, Scandinavian Hot Dogs, and Pandan Ice Cream by EverOut Staff This week, we're welcoming Mikiko Mochi Donuts to Beaverton, dreaming of Nordic hot dogs from Broder Nord 's new window, and celebrating the return of Ox . Plus, read about...

Would a Lloyd Center Music Venue Answer Live Nation's Portland Incursion?

Portland Mercury 7/12 4:30A Suzette Smith
No one is talking about how they're going to knock down the skybridge, and that sounds so cool. Live Nation Competitor AEG Teams Up With Monqui to Building a Music Venue by Portland's Abandoned Art Mall Music Venue at the Mall? Monqui and AEG Team...

Maybe it should be overthrown tho

Portland Mercury 7/11 6:48A Anonymous
by Anonymous Trump is a fascist slumlord rapist but, look, if I also had a chance to overthrow a government known around the world as “The Great Satan”, I’d probably take it. Of course, I’m not a fascist, slumlord, or rapist, so I doubt our sense...

Too Many Americans Are Stupid

Portland Mercury 7/11 6:18A Anonymous
by Anonymous The smart money is on Trump to beat Biden in November. How can a buffoon like Trump beat anyone? Yes, Biden is old and not as sharp as he once was. But given the team around him, he would do better than Trump even if he were...

How a Super PAC Upended Portland’s 3rd Congressional District Race

Portland Mercury 7/10 4:48A Abe Asher
Polling shows candidate Susheela Jayapal had an impressive lead in spring, before AIPAC spent big money to help Maxine Dexter defeat her. by Abe Asher On April 10, less than six weeks before the primary election that would decide who would...

UPDATED: Cooling Centers Reopen Tuesday Amid Deadly Heat Wave

Portland Mercury 7/9 10:27A Mercury Staff
Three sites will operate until 10 pm Tuesday, offering a place for people and pets to cool down. Water and snacks will be provided. by Mercury Staff Originally published: Friday, July 5 Update 1:25 pm Tuesday, July 9: Three cooling centers...
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