Stealing from the poor

Portland Mercury 1/29 5:26P Anonymous
by Anonymous When you steal that 80s/90s car it is often from somebody on a fixed income or with few funds to afford a replacement. Glad you got your 25$ in parts and some free gas to royally fuck somebody over.

My Feet

Portland Mercury 1/29 9:24A Anonymous
by Anonymous I grew up taking all outdoor footwear off before going into the house. I never wore socks but that would be considered okay. House slippers as well, however once you wear your indoor house slippers outside, it doesn't seem logical...

Your Guide to February 2023 Events in Portland

Portland Mercury 1/27 9:16A EverOut Staff
Portland Winter Light Festival, Bruce Springsteen, and More by EverOut Staff It may be the shortest month of the year, but thankfully, February isn't short on superb things to do. There's still plenty going on in every category of events, plus...

Fork Clanking Fucker(s)

Portland Mercury 1/26 9:39A Anonymous
by Anonymous Hey you noisy asses! Stop clanking your forks on your nearly empty plastic plates in our quiet break room! I finally got you loud-ass-chip-chomping-pricks to start closing your mouths while you chew then you fartbreathers showed up....
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